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A Conversation About Consent

What it is. What it isn’t, and why we need to get clear on this topic. Consent Defined According to Webster’s 1828 Dictionary – Consent is an agreement of the mind. He further states, “We generally use this word in cases where power, rights, and claims are concerned. We give consent when we yield that … Read more

Enough and to Spare 

The Law of Abundance I have dedicated my life’s work to helping people understand the relational debt that we carry with one another. Our social-relational obligations are quite significant. We can bless or injure one another in each interaction that we have.  Unfortunately, we are experiencing a season of social-economic existence where personal responsibility to … Read more

Are You Experiencing Targeted Public Slander?

Victim Blaming Tactics How tragic is it to live in a world where social slander is an accepted method of communication? This type of behavior stems from – in this author’s opinion – the lack of social regard we have for one another, coupled with an attitude of behavioral relativism. In this post we are … Read more

Emotions – Trauma – Triggers

It is not what we’ve been taught After decades of abuse, I have had plenty of experiences with painful memories and reliving the sensations of the initial abuse event. There are places that can be difficult to drive by because of the abuse that occurred there.  In the past, we’ve called these recurring trauma events, … Read more

Understanding Victim Blaming

The more I work in this field, the more I see the insidious victim blaming that is occurring in the societal narrative, the words of abusive men, and even the so-called mental health helpers in the field. If I am to leave a critical message to the those working in this field, the most crucial … Read more