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Emotions and Trauma

It is not what we’ve been taught If you can’t tell yet, Center for Peace tackles the difficult topics, myths and outright wrong theories and models being used in psychology, mental health and the so-called “addiction-recovery” community. This post is going to be another CFP game changer. Emotions Explained It is important to note that … Read more

The Purpose of Pain

A Thought Exercise from a Victim of Targeted Partner Abuse© Writing about this topic is a bit bold and maybe more presumptive an exercise than I should undertake. That said, I also believe it might be instructive and helpful to many of the victims of targeted partner abuse©. As a social scientist I read the … Read more

Why is it so Difficult to Talk to Your Abusive Husband?

Attempting to have a conversation with an abusive husband can be incredibly painful. What kind of heart does a man have who verbally berates his wife, or is dismissive of her or discounts her feelings? When there is an on-going pattern of problematic communication, it is important to consider a few factors. If conversations are … Read more

What Do We Do With All This Shame?

Breaking Down Shame and Guilt in a Healthy Way Let’s start this blog out with the acknowledgement that this is a tricky topic. It’s a topic that has been talked about in multiple forums. Like all constructs – let’s have grace for all of our different subjective positions on this issue. By way of clarification, … Read more