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Center For Peace

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Unlike Any Other Men’s Program

Our program helps men become emotionally safe for their wives. 

Many men exhibit abusive behavior without even knowing it.

Once abusive thought processes have been reframed, a man can be emotionally safe and exhibit protective behaviors.

Tools & Strategies That Eliminate Abusive Behavior

Thought Patterns & Behaviors

  • Identification & elimination of abusive thought patterns and associated behaviors
  • Reframing core beliefs & thoughts
  • Surrendering to reality, rather than living in fantasy
  • Recognizing there is ONE truth, rather than two sides of the story
  • Behavior change processes with a focus on peace
  • Learning to contribute, not contaminate
  • Creating power statements instead of excuses
  • Grooming vs. genuine care & protection

Coping Strategies

  • Identification & elimination of unhealthy coping behaviors
  • Restructuring coping process with a focus on current behaviors
  • Preparing & executing a Living Amends Plan

The Only Program That Pays You Back


Step 1

  • Schedule your interview session.
  • Complete all prerequisites.
  • Mail your payment. Payment holds your spot for the year, and there are only 8 spots available. Spots go quickly.

Step 2

  • Attend all 50-minute group sessions.
  • Schedule and attend an individual session once a week.
  • Complete all the program requirements.

Step 3

  • Receive a $1,000 bonus for completing all program requirements.

Program Prerequisites

  • Schedule your interview with Coach Joi. The interview includes 25 minutes to talk to you and 25 minutes to talk to your wife (both separately). The purpose is to inform you about the details of the program to see if it’s a good fit. 
  • Complete the intake form.

Program Requirements

  • No missed group or individual sessions.
  • Complete required activities.

Program Details

Phase I: Intensive – 12 Weeks
Separate Weekly Individual Sessions for Husband & Wife
Group Sessions – 4 per week
Phase II: Application – 24 Weeks
Separate Weekly Individual Sessions for Husband & Wife
Group Sessions – 2 per week
Phase III: Maintenance – 12 Weeks 
Optional Weekly Individual Sessions for Husband & Wife
Group Sessions – 1 per week
*Includes Year-End Polygraph

Schedule - All Times In Eastern USA


  • Week 1: TBD – Fall 2020
  • Week 2: TBD – Fall 2020
  • Week 3: TBD – Fall 2020
  • Week 4: TBD – Fall 2020
  • Week 5: TBD – Fall 2020
  • Week 6: TBD – Fall 2020
  • Week 7: TBD – Fall 2020
  • Week 8: TBD – Fall 2020
  • Week 9: TBD – Fall 2020
  • Week 10: TBD – Fall 2020
  • Week 11: TBD – Fall 2020
  • Week 12: TBD – Fall 2020
  • Week 13-36: TBD – Fall 2020
  • Week 37-48: TBD – Fall 2020


I don't see where to sign up?

Email Coach Joi to set up an interview. She will send you a link to schedule.

The interview includes a 25 minute session with you, and 25 minutes with your wife (separately). After that interview, you'll know if the program is right for you.

What can I expect from this program?

You can expect to be given tools to help you recognize the damage abusive behaviors cause. You will receive tools to reframe your abusive thought processes and patterns and learn to make peaceful choices. 

What is required to get the $1000 completion bonus?

  • Attend each session, on time for entire program.
  • Attend one individual session per week.
  • Complete assignments.
  • Complete year-end polygraph.

How many individual sessions should I sign up for?

Your individual sessions (one per week for both husband & wife separately) are included in the price for an entire year.

Can I use my insurance?

We will not bill your insurance company, however you may use your HSA card to pay for your program.

What If I need to miss a session?

No missed sessions are allowed to qualify for the completion bonus. However, Coach Joi will outline the few exceptions to this rule.

Can I get a refund if I don't like it? Or if I change my mind?

No. All payments are non-refundable.

What kind of follow-up programs will you offer?

After you complete the year long program, men have the option of continuing to participate in weekly group and individual sessions.

About Coach Joi, APSATS, BCC, CSMF, PRC, MAAC-c

Joi is the Clinical Director of BTR/CenFP. She is a professional abuse and betrayal trauma coach with 25 years experience. She specializes in helping men recognize abusive behaviors and entitlement thinking. As a betrayal trauma coach, she helps women navigate the abuse & set boundaries for emotional, physical, and sexual safety.

Joi’s goal is that ALL abusive behaviors stop, including gaslighting and manipulation. During the recovery process, Joi empowers the victim to hold healthy boundaries. It’s Joi’s life mission to help men exhibiting abusive behaviors stop, make restitution for the harm they’ve caused, and become a center for peace.

Joi is a Marriage and Family Life Educator, trained by BYU-I & Aspen Family Wellness (BCC), The American Association for Sex Addiction Therapy (PRC), The Association of Partners of Sex Addicts Trauma Specialists (APSATS CPC), Certified Symbis Marriage Facilitator (CSMF), and Liberty University with an emphasis on multiple behavioral addictions (MAAC-c).