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About Center for Peace

Believing in the power of change and resilience

Our Approach

Rooted in understanding

No matter your background, we nurture the inherent dignity and value of every individual. We are committed to dismantling harmful patterns and fostering a culture of respect and understanding across cultures.

Meet the coaches

Our coaches support individuals working to correct abusive behaviors and help women learn how to honor their own agency and hold to values that support trust and safety their relationships.


Coach Joi

Coach Joi is the Program Director and Master Coach at Center for Peace. She has more than 30 years of experience working in the field of violence and abuse towards women. She specializes in helping women restore their agentic voice taken from them by an abusive partner, while helping men correct their abusive behavior. Her years of experience, decades of grounded research and multiple degrees bring the right experience for the abused and abusers looking for hope and change. Coach Joi runs the year-long abuse program at Center for Peace.

Coach Sharai

For over 15 years, Coach Sharai has mentored and supported women in their faith communities. Her own journey overcoming religious coercion and partner abuse deeply informs her approach, fuelling her passion to help women uncover and assert their inner strength and voice. Committed to each woman’s unique path, Sharai offers insightful guidance towards self-discovery, and a journey of recovery from emotional, psychological, spiritual, and sexual abuse.