12-month reformation program for abusive men and their partners

Step towards a life of dignity and peace

Correcting abuse, protecting victims & restoring dignity

The only program addressing all forms of abuse

Our focus is on lasting change and keeping wives emotionally, sexually and physically safe. We empower you to regain control and live a life of dignity. With Coach Joi’s guidance, freedom from abuse can be your reality.

Wives, do you feel safe and respected in your relationship?

Open to change
Is your husband aware of and able to eliminate abusive thought patterns & behaviors?
Common ground
Do you and your husband share core beliefs? Is he willing to change and work on values you both share?
Arguing over facts
Do you and your husband disagree on how and when issues happen?
Abuse is unilateral
Do you both agree to ONE truth, rather than two sides of the story?
Calm in the family
Do you and your husband share a goal of peace, trust  and safety in the home? Do behaviors match these goals or is there continual control and chaos? 
Healthy goals
Do you share values that contribute rather than contaminate the trust and safety for the marriage?
No excuses
Is your husband willing to create power statements instead of excuses?
Peace or abuse
Are there patterns of grooming, manipulation, lies, anger or are there signs of genuine care?
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Meet Coach Joi

Clinical Director at Center for Peace
Mastered abuse and trauma professional with 30 years experience, Joi specializes in helping men recognize and correct abusive behaviors and entitlement thinking and in so doing, helps these men restore dignity and safety to the women they have abused.
Joi holds a Masters in Addiction Counseling, with an emphasis on multiple behavioral addictions (MAAC). She is a professional Marriage and Family Therapy Educator (BS). She’s earned her coaching certifications through BYU-I & Aspen Family Wellness (BCC), as well as multiple certifications in Domestic Abuse and Coercive control (Advocate Affiliate through Called to Peace), The Association of Partners of Sex Addicts Trauma Specialists (APSATS CPC). She is certified as a Domestic Abuse Specialist through The Utah Association of Domestic Violence Treatment, Certified Symbis Marriage Facilitator (CSMF). She trained with Dr. Omar Minwalla on his Compulsive-Entitled Sexuality Model (CES) and Compulsive Abusive Sexual and Relational Disorder, which includes integrity and conduct disorders (CASRD). She has also been trained through the Center for Response-based Practice and currently runs the abuse correction/victim protection year-long program.

How it works

Phase I: 12 Weeks

Separate Individual Sessions for Husband & Wife
Group Sessions – M,T,W,Th at 7PM EST USA (4 x week)

Phase II: 24 Weeks

Separate Individual Sessions for Husband & Wife
Group Sessions – M/W or T/Th 6PM EST USA (2 x week)

Phase III: 12 Weeks 

No Individual Sessions during this phase. 
Group Session – Th 8PM EST USA (1 x week)

What you'll gain

For women

For men

Take the next steps
Book the prerequisite Discovery Call with Coach Joi

This paid consultation is a necessary step to ensure it's mutually a good fit and audit your unique situation. Once a spot opens up for the next cohort, you'll get an email from Coach Joi with the details of your prescheduled appointment time.

Attend the pre-enrollment session with your partner

In this assessment, you'll get to know Coach Joi, share your story and get on-the-spot feedback. The 50 minute call will be split up into two parts where you and your partner have one-on-one time with Coach Joi. Coach Joi will use this time to evaluate your readiness for the program.

Complete your enrollment & wait for the program start

Spots go quickly. Secure your place in the program by sending in your payment. This formal step is more than a transaction; it's an investment in your future self and a declaration of your commitment to change.

Upcoming program dates

We have a wait list for the next available start date. Spots go quickly.

  • Next start date is June 10, 2024.
  • Payment needs to be received by May 17, 2024.
  • Full payment secures your spot for the entire year-long program.

Join me in this journey, change yourself, and change the part of the world that you live in, a world that desperately needs more peaceful, loving men. 

Are you willing to put all that you have ever known of yourself on the table to be dissected, dismantled and thoughtfully put back together to be a completely different, but significantly higher version of yourself?  If so, Center for Peace can walk you through it and help you find true north.  


Book your paid Relationship Audit for a program readiness evaluation and assessment. This consultation will determine if you’re a good fit for the program.

You can expect to be given tools to help you recognize the damage abusive behaviors cause. Men will receive tools to reframe your abusive thought processes and patterns and learn to make peaceful choices. 

An individual session is included for the first 36 weeks of the program (No individual sessions in Phase III). The husband and wife will alternate a session time every other week. These are NOT couples sessions.  

We will not bill your insurance company, however you may use HSA funds to pay for your program or request reimbursement. You’ll need to check with your insurance, as some providers do not provide reimbursement.

Attendance is required. Make-up sessions are not available. Men who don’t attend their sessions may be removed from the program with no refund.

Attendance is required. Make-up sessions are not available. Men who don’t attend their sessions may be removed from the program with no refund.

After you complete the year long program, men have the option of continuing to participate in a weekly group session.