Letting Go of the Term “Trauma Bonded”

Correcting the Victim Blaming Terminology Moving away from terminology fostered in the addiction recovery community is the only way we will be able to establish truth and find peace in our lives as abused women.  Correct terminology is critical for professionals in this field. Wives of abusive men deserve the truth. Abusers need to hear … Read more

Blame it on the Trauma

Have you ever heard your husband say he just needs to be patient until you get past the trauma?  What about all of the magnanimous gestures he makes to “help you heal” as though he’s been given some rescuer assignment to get you past the trauma? I ask these questions in all seriousness (though I … Read more

What is all the Emphasis on Forgiveness?

Have you been told you need to forgive, or worse, accused of not being forgiving enough? It is almost as if there is a demanded expectation for wives to forgive abusive husbands of their egregious behaviors.  Where does all of this come from? It isn’t just from the men who have a faith tradition. Nearly … Read more

The Good Man Narrative

If you live with a man who is constantly pushing his “I’m a good man” narrative — and you’ve about had it — you’ll want to read this post. Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet … Read more

Rediscovering Mental Wellness: The Impact of Spirituality on Mental Health

Disconnecting our psychology from our spiritual epistemology subjects us to serious mental health conditions There is unprecedented mental anguish in the world today. Depression, anxiety, and substance abuse have reached epidemic proportions globally.  The WHO reports that 264 million people on the planet are depressed. Depression is the third most costly disability worldwide. Each year, … Read more

Breaking Down Abuse: Unveiling the Calculated Nature of Partner Abuse and Empowering Victims

Understanding the Dynamics of Abuse in Relationships All Abuse Is Calculated and Unilateral If men know that women are not attracted to abusers – and they do – then the only way men can effectively perpetrate abuse is to conceal the language they use to remove responsibility for their behavior.  The best approach to concealing … Read more

Clarifying Abuse and Breaking the Cycle: Center for Peace’s Approach to Correcting the Language and Misconceptions of Abuse

Have you ever googled, “Am I being abused”?  If you have, you’ve likely uncovered terms such as “domestic abuse”, “relational abuse”, or “intimate partner abuse”. You may not realize these terms suggest and support the common narrative that it takes two to tango. At Center for Peace, we break down mutualizing narratives that convict a … Read more