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Revolutionizing “Recovery”: Center for Peace’s Unique Approach to Healing from Addiction and Relationship Abuse

Understanding Abuse Through an Addiction Model: A Critical Analysis

For decades we’ve been talking about and treating abuse from an addiction model. For decades abuse continues to exacerbate and addicts continue to slip and relapse creating an untenable condition for wives and the children who also suffer at the hands of abusive men.

The Role of the Industrial Pornography Complex in Relationship Abuse

For decades the industrial pornography complex has been promoting devient, harmful, self-indulgent maladaptive practices, while the mental health community swoops in to pick up the pieces of shattered lives and marriages using a treatment model that fails to acknowledge what is happening in these dyadic social interactions when porn and sexual activity outside of a committed relationship is present.

The Impact of Pornography and Infidelity on Marriages

Men who lie, gaslight, or use defensive anger when attempting to protect their secret sexual behaviors compromise the peace and safety of a healthy, trusting marital relationship. Mental health workers using outdated recovery theories and treatment processes exacerbate what has become a silent epidemic in countless marriages around the globe. Abuse knows now socio-economic, culture, or ethnic boundary.

The Failure of Traditional Mental Health Approaches in Addressing Abuse

We cannot continue to look at the problem with the same lens and expect any different results. For decades “so-called recovery” programs have exploded into the mental health community, in podcasts, literature and even in our churches – to no avail. The problem continues.

Introducing Center for Peace: A New Approach to Addressing Abuse

Enter – Center for Peace

Breaking Down the Mutualization Narrative in Abuse Recovery

At Center for Peace, we see the whole problem. We address the cumulative impact of abuse as a form of violence that exacerbates when secrets are protected, responsibility to others ignored, or worse shifted and blamed upon the innocent.

Abuse is a unilateral act against the will and well-being of another. The mutualizing of abuse has become the main narrative of all of the harmful treatment modalities and recovery programs, creating confusion and additional harm to those desperately needing help and answers.

Empowering Victims: Center for Peace’s Commitment to Restoring Dignity

Center for Peace sets aside all of the outdated theoretical constructs, looks at the data extracted from working with thousands and thousands of women to create an approach to correct abusive thought and behavior patterns with processes that will protect victims and restore the dignity to both men and women desiring healthy, loving relationships.

Explore Our Support Services: Empowering You Towards Safer, Healthier Relationships

For more information book a discovery session to learn about our year-long program. If you are a wife experiencing abuse our group sessions can help you learn more about abuse and how to make decisions for your safety.

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