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All CenFP payments are non-refundable, including payments for the pre-enrollment assessment sessions and the year-long abuse correction program.


If during the pre-enrollment session you are determined to be a good fit for the program, the year-long program fee must be paid for in advance through a CenFP link at our rate. This rate may be adjusted from time to time. Payment must be made in full via a cashier’s check. Payment holds your seat for an entire year. 

All other CenFP service payments, beyond the services outlined in the year-long program, require a credit card to be charged using our third party software. CenFP is not responsible for any unauthorized access or security breaches the third-party processor may experience.

A purchase for services at Center for Peace include and imply your consent to charge your debit or credit account. All purchases require an agreement to these terms. This documents the client’s given consent to the charge and to our Terms of Use.

Disputing your consented charge will be refuted using the documentation, signed agreement dates and our refund policy.  charge that you dispute, will be refuted using documentation that you agreed to these terms, including our refund policy. 

Before you initiate a dispute, please contact to address any issues and to see if we can resolve concerns outside of the dispute process. Any disputed charge will result in removal from any of our services, groups or programs. 

If you’ve disputed charges, but would like access to our services again, take the following steps to void the dispute:

  • Call your credit card company or bank where you disputed the charge[s].
  • Ask to speak with a representative.
  • Tell the representative that you made a mistake, and you want to void the dispute.
  • Ask them how to void the dispute.
  • Follow the steps they give you and void the dispute.

Provide documentation of voided dispute to Once documentation is received, we will review your case and issue an email with our final decision.